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22.03.2013 18:30

Divus | en cs

Friday 22.3.2013 18:30

Tomáš Ruller's Performance Studio of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University of Brno in collaboration with the Performance Studio of Theatre in Non-Traditional Space, Prague Theatre Academy

On the occassion of the 27th annual Videoformes video and digital arts festival in Clermont-Ferrand France, Tomáš Ruller's students from the Performance Atelier (FaVU, VUT, Brno) and performers from the field of Theatre in Non-Traditional Space (DAMU, Prague) will hold a one hour performance session which will take place at Divus in Prague. The performance, a Tableau Vivant, exploring the dichotomy between performer and audience, will be broadcast and screened at the Videoformes venue for the festival audience in Clermont-Ferrand France and available for viewers elsewhere via Internet.

The performance is inspired by techniques employed in Ruller's cooperative performance approach, the Open Situation, and core instruction for performance jam sessions from Guillermo Gómez-Peña's and Roberto Sifuentes' Excercises for Rebel Artists. The overlapping and erasure of two pre-defined zones (a performance zone and a civilian zone) will be the ultimate goal of this open endeavour.



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