THE WORST OF MARTIN ZET - YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU | rock, karaoke and black performance
DIVUS LONDON | 26.09.2014 19:00 - 25.10.2014
This exhibition of works by the beloved and reviled – yet world-renowned – artist, sculptor, performance artist and creator of short experimental films features a cross-section of his work,...
Umělec 1/2013
One day, patents began to be issued for various letters of the alphabet. Lawsuits and international accords between governments and multinational corporations divided language into words and letters. Monthly billing was introduced for the use of the various letters in the form of phonetic tariffs. Those who couldn’t afford it ended up on the periphery of the alphabet.

When an artistic monograph is published, most of the time the outcome is pretty bad — cliché bordering on kitsch, and no courage to try something different. But a monograph on an artist of Slovakia’s middle generation shows that a healthy dose of confidence can result in a beautiful book whose faith in form remains in step with the artist’s respected work.

An anti-German folkloric provocation by a mysterious Czech filmmaker dressed as a Czech Romantic motorcycle at a Germanic nationalist gathering.

2013, 1
6,50 EUR

NSK is a state without borders and without space, located exclusively in time — which hasn’t discouraged aspiring immigrants from trying to acquire one of its passport. German curator Inke Arns set out for Nigeria in order to explain to applicants the nature of this art project. Did she succeed? Hard to say.

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27.07.2014 19:39
01.01.2000 |
Knihy, multimédia a umělecká díla, která by vás mohla zajímat
31.5 x 36 cm, Pen & Ink Drawing
446,40 EUR
574 USD
print on durable film, 250 x 139 cm, 2011
799,20 EUR
1 027 USD
Big „black book“ of Josef Bolf, the Atomic age’s most depressive visionary, with text by Tomáš Pospiszyl. Extensive hardback...
30 EUR
39 USD

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