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Manifesto #3Politics1. Society is hierarchical. 2. Society is made of groups of people that have different rights and different social opportunities, even if theoretically they should be equal. 3. The elite of society has the majority of rights and regulates the common affairs of society.4. The elite consists of several groups: elected representatives, the economic and the criminal elite. 5.…

We spoke with Michal Moravčík about the series of exhibitions, entitled Internal Affairs (Vnútorné záležitosti), that he prepared in cooperation with Martin Piaček with curatorial work provided by Michaela Sečanská. It was opened in 2003 at the Buryzone gallery with SOHO project, in Ottakring, Vienna. The last Internal Affairs, exhibition, 3/Closed Society was realized by Michal Moravčík himself.…

On June 21, 2004, 24 hours after the opening of the Eastern Alliance exhibition in Berlin, a work by Ivan Vosecký was removed on the request of a transnational corporation. The lettering, “Kill Them All,” put on the top of the Lichtturm in Oberbaum City, Berlin, was not directed against any group of citizens or other subject. The text-installation was a sequel of a critical social series that the…

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All Tomorrow’s Parties is a novel by cyberpunk writer, William Gibson. It is one of his best. It is also one of the most haunting songs ever recorded by Nico and the Velvet Underground, back in the day. And All Tomorrow’s Parties is finally a remarkable noise and fringe rock music festival that is held twice a year—one in England and one in southern California. The festival in England is held at…

Skyscraper storyIn his first video, 6=36, Miodrag Krkobabić employed a narrative mode and documentary approach to tell the story about the relationships of his friends from childhood to each other and to himself. Born in the same building and nearly the same age, they all meet again after a long time to tell each about each other’s personality.After years growing up with each other, Krkobabić…

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28 x 43 cm, Pen & Ink Drawing
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Hardcover large book of 312 pages || 220 x 255 x 50 mm || Text by: April Dolkar, Václav Dejčmar, Otto Flores Sáenz, Mnislav...
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1992, 35.5 x 43 cm (6 Pages), Pen & Ink Comic
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S.d.Ch.: Varlén behind the grave with W.A.M., 2006, 70 x 100 cm, collage and drawing
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