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"He’s back again, just as His henchmen and fanatical followers predicted. Yes, He’s really here, showing His true face, the one His fans have kept disguised for so long under a martyr’s veil. And once again the brave will be needed to instruct Him, just as they were two thousand years ago.Surprised, aren’t you!? But let’s not walk around a cooling corpse bemoaning the obvious fact that no one…

Filip Kudrnáč, born 1975, graduated from the Fine Arts Academy (AVU) in Prague this year where he studied in the studio of Professor Antonín Střížek (previously with Nepraš, Knížák, Veselý, Siegl, Hendrych, Demartini, and Dlouhý).Filip Kudrnáč’s works are so unbelievably romantic and sublime that ironic remarks are an immediate danger. Easy targets. But an idyllic portrayal of a beautiful woman…

Jolana Ruchařová, born 1972, studied art education in the Pe-dagogical Faculty at Charles University. She’s attended the Fine Arts Academy (AVU) since 1996 in Professor Michael Bie-lický’s New Media Studio (and previously in the Visual Commu-nications Studio with Professor Jiří David). The colors of Jolana Ruchařová’s paintings are just as vivid as their themes. For example, each painting in the…

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"French Connection - Pierre Daguin and Markéta Othová - Czech Centre London, 20. 6. – 31. 8. 2001The Czech Centre in London is this summer showing a series of 28 pairs of photographs by Pierre Daguin by Markéta Othová. The series explores the old question of how two people can approach the same thing in entirely different ways. Or to put it another way: Is it possible for two different artists to…

Veronika Drahotová, Mind the Heart, Galerie Behémót, Prague, 5. 6. – 4. 7. 2001Generating the impression of movement is one of the processes peculiar to cinema. Just like the still camera, the movie camera can only take one picture at a time, and the same goes for the projector, which can only show one frame at a time. Film moves intermittently, driven and stopped by the sprockets, which are in…

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From series of rare photographs never released before year 2012. Signed and numbered Edition. Photography on 1cm high white...
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2000, 30.5 x 23 cm, Pen & Ink Drawing
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/komix at the edge of existence/, ,
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The first part of a four-part publication project by the most playful Czech artist. His most pithy work, Me, is a cross-section...
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