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Dear Friends, in my short opening speech at the Jelení Gallery, I don’t wish to talk about the exhibition in general. It is too varied for that and it would be hard for me to find aspects common to all the works. I’d therefore like to speak about just one of the exhibited images, which can clearly reveal the process of its creation.The painting I’m talking about is entitled A Hamper Full of…

Marian Palla, Galerie města Plzně, 12.4. - 24.6. 2001Výstava Mariana Pally v Plzni zahrnovala práce z různých období, které volně rozmístil po sklepních místnostech a ukázal jak věci vytvořené speciálně pro tuto výstavu, tak i některé starší práce. Dá se říci, že díky tomuto typu instalace si s nepříliš vděčným prostorem velice dobře rozuměl. Diváky přivítal obraz, “namalovaný” (a podepsaný)…

Marian Palla, Plzeň City Gallery, 12 April – 24 June 2001Marian Palla’s exhibition in Plzeň was comprised of works from various periods of his career, as well as pieces he had specifically created for this exhibition. By distributing the work freely throughout the gallery’s basement halls he was able to put on a good presentation in this notoriously difficult space. The first image viewers…

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For a while it seemed as if everything imaginable was happening at Universal Space NoD in Prague, that is, before the government inexplicably decided to shut it down. But before they could padlock the door, from 27–30 March the Swedish/Czech production of A Mantelpiece — A Story for the Eye by the Blackstone groups artfully cluttered the backroom of the building with their floor-to-ceiling live…

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1995, 35.5 x 43 cm (8 Pages), Pen & Ink Comic
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The woman, put on a pedestal by Western culture, is usually beautiful, naked and defenseless. Klodová argues against this ideal...
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1997, 50.8 x 76.2 cm, Painting on Card
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