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Manifest Destiny Pablo Helguera | expansion | 14.01.2013 14:55
American history is filled with stories about how to hide chauvinism and expansion behind lofty ideals of inevitable fate, of a manifest destiny to settle paradise; how to endlessly, shamelessly, and by force expand the boundaries of one’s garden. Joyce Hatto, too, had a nearly unbounded approach to reality, making nearly 120 recordings of piano concerts in her life. One of England’s greatest female pianists – or maybe not?
Art World Pablo Helguera | 01.01.2008
The AW is considered by many as the most sophisticated game ever invented. In order to learn how to play it, it will be useful for the novice to imagine the AW as if it was a game of chess. We would like to publish the following pieces: - Scheme from p.50 - and Ideal Social Choreography for an Artist at an Opening (p.52) Following this premise, we shall find that the art world roughly contains…

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27.07.2014 19:39
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