Ole Hagen, Daniil Kharms, Alexander Vvedensky and Henri Michaux: Dark Matter

Daniil Kharms:, A Shortish Gent, The Carpenter Kushakov, The Plummeting Old Women, , Daniil Kharms & Alexander Vvedensky: The Man with the Black Coat, Russia’s Literature of the Absurd, , Henri Michaux:, Darkness Moves, An Henri Michaux Anthology: 1927 – 1984 , , All artwork by Ole Hagen
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Daniil Kharms:
A Shortish Gent
The Carpenter Kushakov
The Plummeting Old Women

Daniil Kharms & Alexander Vvedensky: The Man with the Black Coat
Russia’s Literature of the Absurd

Henri Michaux:
Darkness Moves
An Henri Michaux Anthology: 1927 – 1984

All artwork by Ole Hagen
A shortish gent with a pebble in his eye went up to the door of a tobacconist’s shop and stopped. His black polished shoes gleamed on the stone step leading up to the tobacconist’s. The toe-caps of his shoes were directed at the inside of the shop. Two more steps and the gentleman would have disappeared through the door.

But for some reason he dillydallied, as though purposely to position his head under the brick which was falling from the roof. The gentleman had even taken off his hat, baring his bald skull, and thus the brick struck the gentleman right on his bare head, broke the cranium and embedded itself in his brain.

The gentleman didn’t fall. No, he merely staggered a bit from the terrible blow, pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, used it to wipe his face, which was all gooey from blood and brains, and turning toward the crowd, which had instantly gathered around the gentleman he said: - Don’t worry, ladies and gents: I’ve already had the vaccination. You can see – I’ve got a protruding pebble in my right eye. That was also once quite an incident. I’ve already got used to that. Now everything’s just fine and dandy!

And with these words the gentleman replaced his hat and went off somewhere into the margins, leaving the troubled crowd in complete bewilderment.
*******Drawings by Ole Hagen


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