Simon Barker aka Six, Jordan, Lindsay Kemp – Jubilee Kiss (2)

From series of rare photographs never released before year 2012. Signed and numbered Edition. Photography on 1cm high white block. Available in three sizes.
Dostupnost: Skladem
Cena s DPH: od 220 EUR (248 USD)
Cena bez DPH: od 183,33 EUR (207 USD)

Small 35 x 28 cm, edition of 100 220 EUR ks
Medium 50 x 40 cm, edition of 100 372 EUR ks
Large 95 x 75 cm, edition of 15 1 865 EUR ks

This series of previously unseen images will transport you back to 1976 – the very beginning of the punk movement – to meet its protagonists during the early years. Barker was a member of the ‘Bromley Contingent’ from the start, spending his time backstage, fused to his camera at the very first concerts during this incredible peak of cultural construction/deconstruction. In these remarkably candid photographs, you will see the key figures of the movement in their flats, bedrooms, and at forgotten private parties where they can been seen experimenting with the extremes of dress and appearance later synonymous with the punk phenomenon – but at this time still restricted to the creative use of their grandmothers’ wardrobes. Barker’s lens perfectly captures the spirit of the moment, before the twin forces of media and commerce inevitably sunk their claws into the underbelly of punk’s latent political ideologies.

Also available is the recently released book Punk’s Dead, containing an extended selection from Barker’s previously unpublished punk archive. In this book, the photographs are introduced by an author’s text followed by notes from witnesses of those heady days, and original short essays written especially for this book by Michael Bracewell and Peter Tatchell, amoungst others.




Vydáno v předvečer konce světa 20.12.2012


Originální velkoformátové tisky, číslované a signované autorem.



Číslo 1/2012

Amerika v současném umění, filosofii, literatuře, poezii i komiksu.


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